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Vice mayor of weihai and director of the industry and information technology bureau came to the HONGLIN for investigation and guidance

2019-05-10 14:09:46

Weihai vice mayor, director of the industry and information technology bureau coming to our company for research and guidance


As a national champion of the manufacturing industry of single item, weihai honglin has won unanimous praise from the industry and government leaders in terms of its design, research and development, production and sales capacity.


At the end of 2018, weihai municipal government issued an action plan to hit the new target. Honglin group plans to hit the new target of sales in the next three years to steadily improve the strength of the enterprise as planned to innovate and develop, and under guidance of weihai municipal government to gradually improve the technological innovation ability of the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Recently, Weihai honglin  welcomed the Weihai government and Weihai industry and information technology bureau investigation visit leaders.


President chi of the group personally met the research leaders, and vice President Jia haifeng personally introduced to the visiting leaders the company's scientific research and innovation strength, the company's development scale, the leading position in the industry, the experimental testing ability, the current national and provincial R&D platform, and the development of intelligent manufacturing. The research leaders visited the company's R&D center, digital workshop, technical improvement workshop and automatic assembly line of new energy electric vehicles. The deputy mayor and the directors of the bureau of industry and information technology all confirmed the strength of the company and proposed Suggestions for the future development direction of the company.


General manager CHI said, according to HONGLIN group five years strategic development planning, Weihai Honglin focuses on developing a new generation of information technology industry, new energy electric vehicle power distribution system, civil-military integration of special cable series, under Weihai city bureau of industry and government's strong support and guidance, WEIHAI HONGLIN actively create innovation platform of science and technology, break through the key common technology, the intelligent transformation, improve the digital workshop, creating "green products", actively promote listing of HONGLIN, make a positive contribution to local economic development. (weihai honglin project management department/wang wenxia)


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